The career of the future: Tech Interviewer

what is it, who needs it, who can do it?

You need to hire and interview tech people. But you face the following problems:

  • you need help with work (thus currently hiring). There is too much that needs to get done. Yet your team is busy interviewing tech talent so every less work gets done

  • your team’s productivity plummets as they struggle with interviewing fatigue. Speaking to people is mentally exhausting

  • there is no structure, there are no guidelines. Your interviewers are inexperienced but strive to do their best

  • you are falling behind - behind in hiring, behind in replying to every candidate, behind even the smallest tasks which usually take you 5 minutes to complete

Well, enough of that already.

Most people don’t ask the same questions when interviewing candidates for the same opening. Most people don’t prepare the questions to ask in advance. Most people get tired when on constant calls and in meetings. Most people don’t know how to evaluate the abilities of the job applicants. Most people don’t know how to test skills with live challenges during interviews. Most people do not know how to listen. Then, to top this up, most people ghost candidates thus hurting the image of their companies.

This strategy does not work well for most people.

If you continue like this, you will too waste your time and your money

But you are not most people. You want to be different. And there is a way.

Let me share the story of one client with you.

Example ⬇️ 

A client wanted to hire 1000 new tech people in 2022. On average, 7 people were interviewed for 1 position. Each interview lasted 2 hours.

This is 1000 open positions x 7 people x 2 hours each = 14.000 hours.

14.000 hours is 1 year and a half for one person without any sleep.

It is 87 months of work. It is 7 people working non-stop for 1 full year - only interviewing. No lunch break. No coffees. Not getting up from the desk.

So the client needed 7 people to interview all year long to meet their goal.

Impossible, right?

Well, they did it.

End results:

  • 954 open positions filled

  • 13.335 man hours saved

  • 96% new hires reported a great hiring process


How did they make it happen?

Enter the Tech Interviewer.

The Tech Interview is a tech professional who can do the done work as listed in the job description. It is a person with a wealth of real-world experience. It is a person who is good with people, and has received professional training on how to interview candidates.

It is a person you need once you are hiring and have no use of when all positions have been filled.

It is a person who creates amazing interviewing experience and leaves the candidate begging for a contract.

It is the person who evaluates all candidates and gets you the right talent for your needs.

But when should you work with a tech interviewer?

Recommended Steps

  • evaluate whether you need to hire tech talent or not

  • if yes, decide which technologies to use and what profile you look for

  • write the job description/s/, publish them and source candidates

  • do some back-of-a-napkin math - how many hours will it take you and your team to interview for all open positions? How many people do you need to pull away from your team to interview candidates?

  • weight the pros and cons of hiring a tech interview. If you need help with that, I will be happy to work this out with you. Book a free 15-min call - 

The Future

Sneak a peak of some of the future editions of this newsletter:

  1. The benefits of hiring a tech interviewer

  2. How do you work with a tech interviewer?

  3. When is NOT good for you to hire a tech interviewer?

  4. How to become a tech interviewer?

Hi, I am Kat Stam.

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