How tech hiring is killing your team's productivity

Your engineers spent hours away from their core job to interview their future colleagues.

But this is tiring, distracting.

Productivity plummets.

The need to hire more hands to help with the workload is felt even sharper now.

It is a pain.

Heck, sometimes, you don’t even have engineers who have the skills to interview the candidates you need.

You cannot rely on a CTO to lead this process.

Sometimes you don’t even have a CTO. Nor a tech lead.

Then what?

Army of engineers or not, a CTO or not, this burden is always heavy.




That’s okay. Why?

Because nowadays, you get help from the outside.

No more rejecting candidates because you don’t have the bandwidth to interview all who apply.

No more countless hours spent by your team vetting tech candidates.

No more distractions from your core work and responsibilities.

No more wondering how to do it, how to interview.

No more frustration.

A new way of working and of hiring is here.

What if you could have a CTO interview every single tech candidate that applies to work with you? A CTO, who has done this hundreds of time? Who knows tech like the back of his palm?

Wouldn’t that be great?

Now you would think that I am delusional. But I have seen this in real-life.

There is a new way people like you can feel.

All the candidates who apply to your open tech position get interviewed, so you never miss a diamond in the rough.

Two hours of your time spent per candidate. Tops.

Your focus is razor sharp and you get your work done.

You don’t waste time preparing for interviews, then searching through your notes to make sense of them.

You have got this. You are relaxed.

All of this is possible when you are armed with a team of CTOs who help you hire. Who bring the soft skills and a wealth of tech knowledge required to do the interviews well.

You would not want to go back.

📧 Reply to this email if you want an introduction you to a list of CTOs who can gladly work with you and help you interview your next technical colleague.

Nah, you are good and prefer to do everything by yourself.

Here is how you can make this easier for you:

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